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Eye floaters - references

This page provides links to other sources of information and discussions about eye floaters, and shows where you can get the products and remedies mentioned on our home page. If you have had success with a product or treatment featured here, or if you know of another treatment which may help, please tell us about it - use the Contact page. If you have found a product or treatment that helped you, others would like to hear about it.


General eye floaters treatment and information

A registered charity promoting information and research on Degenerative Vitreous Syndrome (DVS). Lists opthalmologists who do vitrectomies and laser vitreolysis.

The main online (and longstanding) forum for eye floater sufferers. You will find a mainly pro-vitrectomy point of view, with some hostility to other treatments and possible solutions, but see also their Alternative treatments subforum.

Vitreous eye floaters
Old but interesting discussion on longecity.org about many remedies people have tried, including N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine. Also here.


Eye drops

- purchase here
Many people with floaters try these eye drops as their first attempted remedy.

This is the home page for the original Can-C eye drops. You can download a free e-book which descibes their use to treat macular degeneration and cataracts.

Here is a post on iblindness.org which suggests these eye drops were helpful.

Here are some testimonials which refer to the Can-C eye drops' effect on eye floaters.

- Several users writing reviews report positive improvement in their floater problem.

Pubmed - N-Acetylcarnosine - Original research articles' abstracts listed at Pubmed.


Remedies for eye floaters

Various treatments which have been tried, and which (at least some) users have reported use of which has lessened or eliminated their floaters.

Total Ocular Function

This is a new oral spray from Natural Ophthalmics which includes all nutrients likely to improve eye function, including floater reduction.

It includes lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry, ginkgo, taurine and more. .

Brite Eyes III

Lubricating Eye drops with antioxidants and N-acetyl-carnosine. One of the most commonly used treatments.

It is available online at .

Lysine, Bilberry, Ginkgo supplements

Helps with compromised blood circulation to the eyes. You can read some experiences of these and other combinations to support eye health at floatertalk.yuku.com.

Sources for , ,

Brite Eyes III

The same product as above, available at Amazon; you may want to read the customer reviews, including this quote "But with these new eye drops, within 6 months, my floaters have totally disappeared..." Check more reviews .


From a review on the site: "I started taking this supplement after having eye problems (flashes/floaters). This has been very helpful in returning my eyes to normal... My vision has improved in spite of being 62."

Ocuvite 50+ Eye vitamins and minerals

User reviews for Ocuvite in Amazon include this ".. over time the floaters have decreased... I mentioned it to my elderly mother, who has a big problem with floaters, and she wanted to give Ocuvite 50+ a try. After taking one pill a day for a year, she says her floaters have significantly decreased."

You can find this product .


Is used by some to reduce eye floaters. See questions and answers here.

Lutein is a common ingredient in eye health support supplements. Check such supplements .


How to heal floaters with enzymes - Some background information.

Serrapeptase (Serraflazyme) is sold .


Natural Eye Care features the Chinese-medicine based ReVision formula, which some users have claimed has successfully diminished their eye floaters.



Floatertalk forum - FOV
Dedicated to information about and experiences of vitrectomies, referred to there as 'FOV', Floater Only Vitrectomy.

Vitrectomy surgery - a patient's guide
With illustrations.

Vitrectomy experiences
Those who have had the procedure write about it.

Offers vitrectomy (and also vitreolysis) at clinics in England. This page also describes the procedures.


Laser vitreolysis

Irv Arons' Journal
Full description by a retired opthalmic consultant of what eye floaters are, how lasers can be used to treat them ('laser vitreolysis'), and the names of the surgeons in the US who are doing this. It is also worth reading the comments from eye floater sufferers.

Floatertalk forum - Laser Vitreolysis
All about this procedure, discussions and feedback, plus a list of doctors who will do it.

South Florida Eye Foundation
Floater treatment center which offers vitreolysis.


Other options

Fluorescent lighting and eye floaters - this person changed their office lighting and got rid of their floaters.

Bioptron - a light therapy system.
What it is. Claims it helped someone with floaters.

Read about how floaters affect other people and then realize how common they really are, at Reddit.


PS: Remember to bookmark this site: any potential remedies for eye floaters which appear on the market will be added to this page.


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